N201 - Double Hoop Necklace

  • $95.00

This is a great staple. Two interlocking hand forged hoops connected with different chain on either side of the necklace.  This necklace is made from two different color metals.  When selecting your choice, the metal that is listed first will be the large circle.  (For example, you will see ss/gf and gf/ss.  If you choose the ss/gf option, the larger circle will be sterling silver.  If you choose the gf/ss option, the yellow gold filled circle will be the larger.)

Length: 18" in length unless otherwise specified.  Larger circle diameter is 3/4" and smaller circle diameter is 1/2".

Because this is a handmade item, this product can vary slightly in shape and size than what is pictured making each item unique and all the more special.

All rose gold-filled items are soldered with yellow gold solder.

Made in California.

Please inquire for any special requests or custom orders.